Commit b28c96f4 authored by ronesy's avatar ronesy
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Correction to posterior error calculation for scalars of initial concentration in congrad

parent 657f67e5
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ subroutine congrad(iter, grad, files, config, fluxes, obs, states, covar)
end do
end do
if ( config%opt_cini ) then
tmp(npvar+1:nvar) = tmp(npvar+1:nvar) + config%cinierr * pevecs(jk,npvar+1:nvar)
tmp(npvar+1:nvar) = tmp(npvar+1:nvar) + (config%cinierr * pevecs(jk,npvar+1:nvar))**2
end do
! calculate last part
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