Commit 86cd3928 authored by ronesy's avatar ronesy
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Fix to limit release time to run time for case with no averaging/selection

parent f8a3fa18
......@@ -232,6 +232,13 @@ subroutine process_obs(settings, nobs, freq, jdobs, latobs, lonobs, altobs, conc
hhmiss = int(real(hhmiss)/real((lsync/60)*100))*lsync*100/60
obs%jdi(n) = juldate(jjjjmmdd, hhmiss)
obs%jdf(n) = obs%jdi(n) + real(freq,kind=8)/24d0
! if interval crosses month set to min of current month
eomday = calceomday(jjjjmmdd/100)
jdsom = juldate((jjjjmmdd/100)*100+1, 0)
jdeom = jdsom + real(eomday,kind=8)
obs%jdf(n) = min(obs%jdf(n),jdeom)
! check that not beyond end of run time
obs%jdf(n) = min(obs%jdf(n),jdatef)
obs%lat(n) = latobs(n)
obs%lon(n) = lonobs(n)
obs%alt(n) = altobs(n)
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