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......@@ -19,16 +19,24 @@ Contents:
- regrids fluxes (fluxes need to be at the same spatial
resolution as the flexpart grid_time files)
- writes fluxes in a standard ncdf format required by
3) prep_regions (optional):
- prepares variable resolution grid for the inversion based
on flexpart flux sensitivities (output from prep_flexpart)
(alternatively can provide own regions definition file)
4) settings:
- contains example SETTINGS_config and SETTINGS_files files
5) source:
- source code for FLEXINVERT
- source code for FLEXINVERT-Plus
6) prep_syndata:
- prepares synthetic data for testing and OSEs
- uses output from a forward run and adds random
perturbations to the prior fluxes and observations
according to the error covariance matrices
7) grid_to_ncdf:
- extra tool (not needed for FLEXINVERT-Plus) to convert
the binary grid_time files to NetCDF
Testing environment:
Basic test data are provided for four example cases, for both
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