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Commit 1e0ec8a8 authored by Ian Boyd's avatar Ian Boyd
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parent d6705f1f
;Main Program Version: Release v2.0b60, 20190807
;Main Program Version: Release v2.0b61, 20190824
; Written by Ian Boyd for the AVDC/EVDC -
; 20090828: Initial Release for testing - v0.1
......@@ -159,6 +159,7 @@
; 20190506, Update due to fix in idlcr8hdf - v2.0b58
; 20190514, Update due to fix in idlcr8ascii - v2.0b59
; 20190807, Update due to modifications to idlcr8ascii and idlcr8hdf - v2.0b60
; 20190824, Update due to fix in idlcr8hdf - v2.0b61
;Program to read in a file or string array created by CDS_Match (or equivalent) and,
;based on the input information, convert NDACC NASA/AMES, WOUDC CSV, SHADOZ, NOAA-ESRL or
......@@ -3690,7 +3691,7 @@ FUNCTION cds_tools, listf, tav, outdir, dataformat, DATETIME=o1
;Initialize statusflag, and exit_code
statusflag='' & dum='' & exit_code=3
cdver='cds_tools version 2.0b60, 2019-08-07'
cdver='cds_tools version 2.0b61, 2019-08-24'
;Check input parameters
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