Commit 3aa4311d authored by Jean-Marie Lepioufle's avatar Jean-Marie Lepioufle
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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
friendlyr.R -service <service> -fromDate <fromDate> -toDate <toDate> -precision <precision> -timeResolution <timeResolution> -element_id <element_id> -station_id <station_id> -username <username> -password <password> -result <result> -name <name>
friendlyr.R service <service> fromDate <fromDate> toDate <toDate> precision <precision> timeResolution <timeResolution> element_id <element_id> station_id <station_id> username <username> password <password> result <result> name <name>
conv.R (-h | --help)
conv.R --version
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