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flex gen cases
Generates flexpart run cases based on the current default options dir and pathnames file.
(pathanmes can be edited at a later stage to accomodate different winds with the same options IMPLEMENT
- define_<runs>: Generates flexpart run cases (groups depending on _<runs>)
- export*: copy define* to a ifferent directory to build the run cases there.
- (pathanmes could be edited here)
- loop_on_pathnames*.sh: for a fived options-pathnames pair, create a run case (adding an executable and an output directory)
- run_all_sl*: execute the run cases generating a set of flexpart outputs
- read_joblist*.sh: verify that the runs finished properly.
options dir:
default located repo in the same directory
i.e. ../flexpart/options/
pathname: ../flexpart/pathnames
destinantion dir:
default "../flex_cases" alongside in the same directory level
it is created every time. it it already exists from a previous run it will stop
(add --force option ENHANCE)
repo flex_gen_input cloned to ~/repos
how to run
generates ../flex_cases
this by itself or a s a copy can generate a list of flexpart run cases
(only default FIXME)
just running
make or
generates a file (e.g. batch_dry_pathnames*.sl) that associates the executable with that patnames in a FLEXPART_run_string
(the executable is by default FLEXPART_8d70e43)
in can be configured with exporting variable $FLEXPARTvar
now all batch_dry_pathnames*.sl
can be run by
the stdout of flexpart is tee'd to stdoutbatch_dry_pathnames*.sl
the output* directory(es) is(are) ready to be read by flex_read
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