Commit b4a1e958 authored by Jean-Marie Lepioufle's avatar Jean-Marie Lepioufle
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more option for authenticate

parent 74b6c283
get_data <- function(x,auth) {
get_data <- function(x,...) {
db <- luftkvalr::luftkvalr()
tmp_st <- db$GetAQStations(stationIDs=x$stationObj$station_id)
tmp_ts <- db$GetAQTimeseries(stationIDs=tmp_st$ST_ID,componentName=x$elementObj$element_id)
res <- db$GetAQData(stationIDs=tmp_st$ST_ID,timeSeriesIDs=tmp_ts$TS_ID,fromDateTime=as.character(x$timeObj$fromPeriod()),toDateTime=as.character(x$timeObj$toPeriod()))
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