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# frostlyr
## Description
frostlyr deals with getting frost dataset as a timeserie data.frame easy to work with.
## Installation
### with R
### with git and R
In your [git] terminal write:
cd ~/
# if windows cd ~/Documents
mkdir tmp_frostlyr
cd tmp_frostlyr
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
In R, write:
install.packages("~/tmp_frostlyr/timemanip",repos=NULL,type="source",dependencies = "Imports")
install.packages("~/tmp_frostlyr/rapiclient",repos=NULL,type="source",dependencies = "Imports")
install.packages("~/tmp_frostlyr/frostr",repos=NULL,type="source",dependencies = "Imports")
install.packages("~/tmp_frostlyr/friendlyts",repos=NULL,type="source",dependencies = "Imports")
In a terminal, write:
cd ..
rm -r tmp_frostlyr
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