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# eiparr
# eipar
## Description
The package is a client api to get air quality observation from the [Irish Environmental Protection Agency](
Extracting air quality timeseries from the [Irish Environmental Protection Agency](
The irish EPA API provides free access to Irish air quality timeseries.
The package is developed continuously with the development of the server API.
The package is working but might change at any time.
The R-package helps extracting data from the luftkval database.
The package has four purposes:
0. Code is written in order to avoid any SQL Injection Attack.
1. Quickly extracting stations informations.
2. Quickly extracting timeseries informations.
3. Quickly extracting dataset.
## Prerequisite
Some sql drivers are required: odbc and oracle
Please read the [documentation]( on gitlab.
Install the "remotes" R-package
## Installation
## Usage
db <- luftkvalr()
# get values at one station
tmp_st <- db$GetAQStations(stationIDs="665")$ST_ID
tmp_ts <- db$GetAQTimeseries(stationIDs=tmp_st,componentName=c("NO2"))$TS_ID
res <- db$GetAQData(stationIDs=tmp_st,timeSeriesIDs=tmp_ts,fromDateTime="2016-11-01 00:00:00",toDateTime="2016-11-02 00:00:00")
# get values at stations in Oslo
tmp_st <- db$GetAQStations(west=10.57911,south=59.75327,east=10.89911,north=60.07327)$ST_ID
tmp_ts <- db$GetAQTimeseries(stationIDs=unique(tmp_st),componentName=c("NO2"))$TS_ID
res <- db$GetAQData(stationIDs=unique(tmp_st),timeSeriesIDs=tmp_ts,fromDateTime="2016-11-01 00:00:00",toDateTime="2016-11-02 00:00:00")
# stop connection
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