Commit d3402e19 authored by Jean-Marie Lepioufle's avatar Jean-Marie Lepioufle
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correct error with 'value'

parent ea2cd832
......@@ -30,10 +30,11 @@ basic_ts <- function(df,target,group,precision){
tmp <- table(unlist(tmp))
indice <- as.numeric(names(tmp[tmp==length(group)]))
res_ts[indice,"value"] <-df[i,target]
res_ts[indice,varnames] <-basic[i,varnames]
res_ts[,"value"] <-df[,target]
res <- friendlyts::friendlyts(df=res_ts,date_type="friendlyts",precision=precision)
class(res) <- c("basic_ts",class(res))
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