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......@@ -4,7 +4,17 @@ slfiles:
clean: this_is_a_run
rm -r options*
rm -r options* pathnames* output* batch_dry_pathnames_*
archive_dir := archive_$(shell date "+%y-%m-%d_%H%M%S")
@echo "archive generated files"
mkdir $(archive_dir)
mv options* pathnames* output* stdout* clrun* $(archive_dir)
rm *.out rm *.err *.sl
logfile := file_$(shell date +%FT%T%Z).log
@echo "==> flush logs to $(logfile)"
echo ‘my_log’ > $(logfile)
echo `wc -l $(logfile)`
flex gen cases
Generates flexpart run cases based on the current default options dir and pathnames file.
(pathanmes can be edited at a later stage to accomodate different winds with the same options IMPLEMENT
1)define and generate cases (options, pathnames and output dirs)
2)prepare for run (enforce conditions of existence and define execution files and instructions)
3)run (generate output) depends on system ()
3bis) set reference output
4)read generated output
5)compare to reference
Generates standard flexpart run cases.
The cases are derived from reference options dir and pathnames file (working examples by default from the current repository head /release? decide on the reference FIXME).
(currently focuses on ecmwf winds: pathanmes can be edited at a later stage to accomodate different winds with the same options IMPLEMENT)
- define_<runs>: Generates flexpart run cases (groups depending on _<runs>)
- export*: copy define* to a ifferent directory to build the run cases there.
......@@ -22,6 +30,21 @@ input:
(add --force option ENHANCE)
1bis-postprocessing: eg change format Legras/Fast or prepare CTBTO XML descriptor
2- run
4,5- subsequent task
repo flex_gen_input cloned to ~/repos
how to run
......@@ -64,6 +87,57 @@ the stdout of flexpart is tee'd to stdoutbatch_dry_pathnames*.sl
the output* directory(es) is(are) ready to be read by flex_read
input: base options directory (preferrably a working one)
output: derived options directories defining the corresponding test or use cases
once options are created, consistent output and patnames are needed
in addition winds need to be available and consistent with a corresponding AVAILABLE file
- base pathnames (template -- sets wind dirs and available file path)
- set of options (output from gen_options_*.sh) located in the current directory
e.g: creates pathnames and output in local dir from repos default
output: corresponding set of pathnames
calls gen_options_*.sh and gen_pathnames_*.sh
input: input from gen_options_*.sh and gen_pathnames_*.sh combined
- output from gen_options_*.sh and gen_pathnames_*.sh combined
- output dirs (in the local directory by default)
cretes cases and defines a running string for each case
the running string is part of a file that depends on the system
e.g. can be executed directly in the command line or using a workload manager (LoadLeveler, SLURM, etc.)
verifies that the runs have finished without errors
generate group 1 (gridded output) of test cases from default options in flexpart local repository
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