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;Main Program Version: v4.0b54, 20201103
;Main Program Version: v4.0b55, 20200709
; Written by Ian Boyd for the AVDC -
;Sub-versions (refer to idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf for full history)
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ PRO intro, intype
nhdr=44 & errtxt=STRARR(nhdr)
vertxt=['idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf','v4.0b54 March 2020']
vertxt=['idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf','v4.0b55 July 2020']
errtxt[1]='Welcome to IDLcr8HDF. This program creates GEOMS compliant HDF4, HDF5 and netCDF files'
errtxt[2]='(also refer to '+vertxt[0]+').'
errtxt[4]='Inputs to the program (IDL Virtual Machine (VM) and IDL Licensed (LIC) Versions):'
......@@ -1232,6 +1232,9 @@ PRO geoms_rule_changes, code, in1, in2, in3, in4
; file does not use a DATA_TEMPLATE (rule 9) - Version 4.0b50
; 20191205: Add rule 11 which does checks on optional VERSION_NAME sub-field of
; DATA_SOURCE - Version 4.0b53
; 20200709: Fix in option 5 when looking for obsolete variable names. Change from doing a
; STRPOS search to looking for an exact change for DATA_VARIABLES_01 names due to
; introduction of DRY.AIR.... names to the TAV - Version 4.0b55
; Inputs: code - Integer value identifying type of check to carry out
; in1 - First set of inputs required for checks (optional, dependent on code value)
......@@ -1463,7 +1466,9 @@ CASE 1 OF
;Test for values in obs_list_1
FOR i=0,N_ELEMENTS(obs_list_1)-1 DO BEGIN
ri=WHERE(STRPOS(STRUPCASE(vn_v[*,0]),obs_list_1[i]) NE -1,rcnt)
;ri=WHERE(STRPOS(STRUPCASE(vn_v[*,0]),obs_list_1[i]) NE -1,rcnt)
;Change to exact match from v4.0b55 (20200709) - due to introduction of DRY.AIR.... variable names
ri=WHERE(STRUPCASE(vn_v[*,0]) EQ obs_list_1[i],rcnt)
IF rcnt NE 0 THEN BEGIN ;obsolete values found so replace
FOR j=0,rcnt-1 DO BEGIN
......@@ -5863,7 +5868,7 @@ PRO idlcr8hdf, ga, sds, tav, odir, reterr, H5=o1, AVK=o2, LOG=o4, POPUP=o5, QA=o
;Program documentation, idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf, available from
;Program sub-version 4.0b54 (20201103)
;Program sub-version 4.0b55 (20200709)
; ----------
;Written by Ian Boyd for the AVDC -
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