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......@@ -69,6 +69,11 @@
; template and version name checks
; 2020-10-20, v2.06 Ian Boyd update due to fixes to idlcr8hdf
; 2020-10-26, v2.07 Ian Boyd update due to fix to idlcr8hdf
; 2020-11-22, v2.08 Ian Boyd QA checks carried out using the metadata definitions in the TAV version
; determined by the FILE_GENERATION_DATE (FGD), in the first instance, then the
; FILE_META_VERSION (FMV), if different. This adds a check for the FMV TAV version
; using definitions that are out-of-date. If either TAV can't be determined or found
; then the input TAV will be used for checks and an error generated
PRO geoms_tc
......@@ -79,7 +84,7 @@ PRO geoms_tc
if ( iNrArgs ne 2 ) then begin
print, 'GEOMS template checker (geoms_tc)'
print, ' Release v2.07, 2020-10-26'
print, ' Release v2.08, 2020-11-22'
print, ' Does GEOMS template compliance checks on HDF4/5 files.'
print, 'usage: idl -rt=geoms_tc.sav -args [GEOMS-TE-FILE] [HDFFILE] '
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