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;Main Program Version: v4.0b56, 20201020
;Main Program Version: v4.0b57, 20201026
; Written by Ian Boyd for the EVDC/AVDC -
;Sub-versions (refer to idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf for full history)
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ PRO intro, intype
nhdr=44 & errtxt=STRARR(nhdr)
vertxt=['idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf','v4.0b56 October 2020']
vertxt=['idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf','v4.0b57 October 2020']
errtxt[1]='Welcome to IDLcr8HDF. This program creates GEOMS compliant HDF4, HDF5 and netCDF files'
errtxt[2]='(also refer to '+vertxt[0]+').'
errtxt[4]='Inputs to the program (IDL Virtual Machine (VM) and IDL Licensed (LIC) Versions):'
......@@ -2132,6 +2132,8 @@ PRO read_metadata, metafile, inf
; the attribute values e.g. allow DO_NAME=Boyd;Ian S. - Version 4.0b54
; 20201020: Generate message for invalid metadata attributes, previously removed them 'quietly'
; - Version 4.0b56
; 20201026: Fix bug from 4.0b56 which caused an error message if _FillValue was present in the GEOMS file
; - Version 4.0b57
; Inputs: metafile - Either, the filename of the input file containing the Metadata or, if program
; input is via string array and Structure, a string array containing the Global
......@@ -2255,7 +2257,8 @@ GEOMS_RULE_CHANGES,0,mhhold,mhgood
;test1 - check first character is A-Z or a-z; test2 - check for '=' and not a redundant label
test1=(((BYTE(STRMID(mhhold,0,1)) GE 65) AND (BYTE(STRMID(mhhold,0,1)) LE 90)) OR $
((BYTE(STRMID(mhhold,0,1)) GE 97) AND (BYTE(STRMID(mhhold,0,1)) LE 122)))
((BYTE(STRMID(mhhold,0,1)) GE 97) AND (BYTE(STRMID(mhhold,0,1)) LE 122)) OR $
test2=(STRPOS(mhhold,'=') GE 1) AND (mhgood EQ 1)
nri=WHERE((test1) AND (test2),nrline)
......@@ -2304,7 +2307,7 @@ IF ucnt NE 0L THEN BEGIN ;some attribute labels are not fully uppercase
writeonce=0 ;write out information text once only
FOR i=0L,ucnt-1L DO BEGIN
;check for HDF predefined labels which should be lowercase
pi=WHERE(m_v0[ui[i]] EQ ncsa,pcnt)
pi=WHERE(STRLOWCASE(m_v0[ui[i]]) EQ ncsa,pcnt)
IF pcnt EQ 0 THEN BEGIN ;label expected to be in uppercase
IF writeonce EQ 0 THEN BEGIN ;write INFORMATION text to log
......@@ -5931,7 +5934,7 @@ PRO idlcr8hdf, ga, sds, tav, odir, reterr, H5=o1, AVK=o2, LOG=o4, POPUP=o5, QA=o
;Program documentation, idlcr8hdf-v4.0_Readme.pdf, available from
;Program sub-version 4.0b56 (20201020)
;Program sub-version 4.0b57 (20201026)
; ----------
;Written by Ian Boyd for the EVDC/AVDC -
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