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......@@ -76,8 +76,11 @@
; 2018-09-01, v2.0b55 Ian Boyd Previous fix caused crash when checking non-NDACC measurements.
; Fixed in this version
; 2018-11-16, v2.0b56 Ian Boyd Update due to fix in idlcr8ascii
; 2019-03-14, v2.0b57 Add 'LON360E TO GEOMS' to conv_chk array so that program can convert longitude
; values using the 0-360E reporting convention to GEOMS convention. Compiled with
; latest idlcr8hdf that allows for HDF5 compression
; 2019-05-06, v2.0b58 Ian Boyd Update due to fix in idlcr8hdf
; 2019-05-14, v2.0b59 Ian Boyd Update due to fix in idlcr8ascii
PRO cds_convert_common
;Procedure to define the COMMON blocks for this program
......@@ -146,7 +149,7 @@ PRO intro
;Subroutines Called: INTRO_EVENT (via XMANAGER)
nhdr=22 & errtxt=STRARR(nhdr)
vertxt=['cds_convert_Readme.pdf',' Release v2.0b56, November 2018']
vertxt=['cds_convert_Readme.pdf',' Release v2.0b59, May 2019']
errtxt[1]='Conversion Data Suite (CDS): cds_convert'
errtxt[3]=' Converts supported original data into GEOMS compliant HDF data.'
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