Commit fa1548b0 authored by Ignacio Pisso's avatar Ignacio Pisso
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test whether directories already exist from previous test runs and print those to stdout

parent da6ad3f5
...@@ -14,22 +14,45 @@ options_default=../options ...@@ -14,22 +14,45 @@ options_default=../options
test_tmp=${base_dir}${test_dir} test_tmp=${base_dir}${test_dir}
#_${suffix} #_${suffix}
current_dir=$(pwd) #current_dir=$(pwd)
echo test_tmp=$test_tmp if [[ -d "$test_tmp" ]] ; then
mkdir $test_tmp echo $test_tmp already exists
echo create test in $test_tmp
mkdir $test_tmp
#copy default optios #copy default optios
echo copy default options from $options_default
cp -r $options_default $test_tmp/options cp -r $options_default $test_tmp/options
#override default options #override default options
if [ -d "$test_dir" && "$(ls -A ${test_dir}/options)" ]; then if [[ -d "$test_dir/options" ]] && [[ "$(ls -A ${test_dir}/options)" ]]; then
cp -r ${test_dir}/options/* $test_tmp/options/ cp -r ${test_dir}/options/* $test_tmp/options/
echo copy specific options for this test from ${test_dir}/options
fi fi
# copy paths form repo source exec tmp dir # copy paths form repo source exec tmp dir
echo copy ${test_dir}/pathnames
cp ${test_dir}/pathnames $test_tmp cp ${test_dir}/pathnames $test_tmp
# make output dir locally # make output dir locally
mkdir ${test_tmp}/output if [[ -d "$test_tmp/output" ]]; then
echo $test_tmp/output already exists
mkdir ${test_tmp}/output
echo create ${test_tmp}/output
if [[ -L "${test_tmp}/flexpartnoresm" ]]; then
rm ${test_tmp}/flexpartnoresm
echo remove existing link ${test_tmp}/flexpartnoresm
ln -s $FP_exec ${test_tmp}/flexpartnoresm ln -s $FP_exec ${test_tmp}/flexpartnoresm
echo link $FP_exec to ${test_tmp}/flexpartnoresm
echo $test_dir is ready to run
#cd $test_tmp #cd $test_tmp
#echo $(pwd) #echo $(pwd)
#echo $FP_exec #echo $FP_exec
...@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ if [ ! -d "$tmp_dir" ]; then ...@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ if [ ! -d "$tmp_dir" ]; then
echo create $tmp_dir echo create $tmp_dir
fi fi
echo $tmp_dir echo create tests in $tmp_dir
#exit #exit
./create_test test_0 $tmp_dir ../../src/flexpartnoresm ./create_test test_0 $tmp_dir ../../src/flexpartnoresm
./create_test test_1 $tmp_dir ../../src/flexpartnoresm ./create_test test_1 $tmp_dir ../../src/flexpartnoresm
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