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Added a modification so thah number of particles in simulation reported to...

Added a modification so thah number of particles in simulation reported to standard output (MPI version) is exact instead of estimated
parent 478e9e69
......@@ -112,11 +112,14 @@ module mpi_mod
! mp_dbg_out write some arrays to data file for debugging
! mp_measure_time Measure cpu/wall time, write out at end of run
! mp_time_barrier Measure MPI barrier time
! mp_exact_numpart Use an extra MPI communication to give the exact number of particles
! to standard output (this does *not* otherwise affect the simulation)
logical, parameter :: mp_dbg_mode = .false.
logical, parameter :: mp_dev_mode = .false.
logical, parameter :: mp_dbg_out = .false.
logical, parameter :: mp_time_barrier=.true.
logical, parameter :: mp_measure_time=.false.
logical, parameter :: mp_measure_time=.false.
logical, parameter :: mp_exact_numpart=.true.
! for measuring CPU/Wall time
real(sp) :: mp_comm_time_beg, mp_comm_time_end, mp_comm_time_total=0.
......@@ -1978,7 +1981,7 @@ contains
! This call to barrier is for correctly formatting output
if (lroot) then
if (lroot.and.mp_measure_time) then
WRITE(*,*) "To turn off output of time measurements, set "
WRITE(*,*) " mp_measure_time=.false."
......@@ -110,6 +110,7 @@ subroutine timemanager
integer :: loutnext,loutstart,loutend
integer :: ix,jy,ldeltat,itage,nage
integer :: i_nan=0,ii_nan,total_nan_intl=0 !added by mc to check instability in CBL scheme
integer :: numpart_tot_mpi ! for summing particles on all processes
real :: outnum,weight,prob(maxspec)
real :: decfact
......@@ -137,17 +138,6 @@ subroutine timemanager
! Loop over the whole modelling period in time steps of mintime seconds
! itime=0
if (lroot) then
! write(*,45) itime,numpart*mp_partgroup_np,gridtotalunc,wetgridtotalunc,drygridtotalunc
write(*,46) float(itime)/3600,itime,numpart*mp_partgroup_np
if ( then
write (*,*) 'timemanager> starting simulation'
end if
end if ! (lroot)
do itime=0,ideltas,lsynctime
! Computation of wet deposition, OH reaction and mass transfer
......@@ -216,7 +206,6 @@ subroutine timemanager
if (mp_measure_time) call mpif_mtime('getfields',1)
! Broadcast fields to all MPI processes
! Skip if all processes have called getfields or if no new fields
......@@ -535,9 +524,24 @@ subroutine timemanager
if (iflux.eq.1) call fluxoutput(itime)
if (mp_measure_time) call mpif_mtime('iotime',1)
if (lroot) write(*,45) itime,numpart*mp_partgroup_np,gridtotalunc,&
! if (lroot) write(*,46) float(itime)/3600,itime,numpart*mp_partgroup_np
! Decide whether to write an estimate of the number of particles released,
! or exact number (require MPI reduce operation)
numpart_tot_mpi = numpart*mp_partgroup_np
if (mp_exact_numpart.and..not.(lmpreader.and.lmp_use_reader)) then
call MPI_Reduce(numpart, numpart_tot_mpi, 1, MPI_INTEGER, MPI_SUM, id_root, &
& mp_comm_used, mp_ierr)
if (lroot) then
write(*,45) itime,numpart_tot_mpi,gridtotalunc,&
if ( then
write (*,*) 'timemanager> starting simulation'
end if
end if
45 format(i13,' SECONDS SIMULATED: ',i13, ' PARTICLES: Uncertainty: ',3f7.3)
46 format(' Simulated ',f7.1,' hours (',i13,' s), ',i13, ' particles')
if ( then
......@@ -557,7 +561,6 @@ subroutine timemanager
! Check, whether particles are to be split:
! If so, create new particles and attribute all information from the old
! particles also to the new ones; old and new particles both get half the
......@@ -770,22 +773,6 @@ subroutine timemanager
! and if they are compromising the final result (or not):
if (cblflag.eq.1) print *,j,itime,'nan_synctime',nan_count,'nan_tl',total_nan_intl
! TODO: delete for release version?
! These lines below to test the well-mixed condition, modified by mc, not to
! be included in final release:
! if (itime.eq.0) then
! open(551,file='/home/mc/test_cbl/out/WELLMIXEDTEST_CBL_lonlat_9_33_100_3hours_3htp_cd.DAT')
! open(552,file='/home/mc/test_cbl/out/avg_ol_h_wst_lonlat_9_33_100_3hours_3htp_cd.DAT')
! end if
! write(552,'(5F16.7)')itime*1./3600.,avg_wst/well_mixed_norm,avg_ol/well_mixed_norm,avg_h/well_mixed_norm
! do j=1,25
! !write(551,*))itime*1.,h_well/50.*j,well_mixed_vector(j)/well_mixed_norm*50.
! avg_air_dens(j)=avg_air_dens(j)/well_mixed_vector(j)
! write(551,'(5F16.7)')itime*1.,h_well/25.*j,well_mixed_vector(j)/well_mixed_norm*25.,avg_air_dens(j),0.04*j
! end do
end do ! itime=0,ideltas,lsynctime
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