Commit a2e9de41 authored by Ignacio Pisso's avatar Ignacio Pisso
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minor changes to

parent 348abf63
......@@ -87,6 +87,15 @@ mkdir $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract
#cp -r flex_ecmwf_src/* $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract/
## cp -r flex_extract/work/EA* $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract/work
echo include flex_extract v7.0.4 b7c1c04a204c91e53759ef590504bf52dfaece64
cp $flex_extract/ $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract
cp -r $flex_extract/docs $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract
cp -r $flex_extract/grib_templates $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract
cp -r $flex_extract/python $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract
cp -r $flex_extract/src $tarball_tmp/preprocess/flex_extract
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