Commit 861805ae authored by Espen Sollum's avatar Espen Sollum

Fix for a problem with the distribution of particles among processes (MPI version)

parent 0f7835d0
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ subroutine timemanager
implicit none
logical :: reqv_state=.false. ! .true. if waiting for a MPI_Irecv to complete
integer :: j,ks,kp,l,n,itime=0,nstop,nstop1,memstat=0 !,mind
integer :: j,ks,kp,l,n,itime=0,nstop,nstop1,memstat=0
! integer :: ksp
integer :: ip
integer :: loutnext,loutstart,loutend
......@@ -154,6 +154,7 @@ subroutine timemanager
do itime=0,ideltas,lsynctime
! Computation of wet deposition, OH reaction and mass transfer
! between two species every lsynctime seconds
......@@ -165,7 +166,7 @@ subroutine timemanager
! changed by Petra Seibert 9/02
if (mp_dev_mode) write(*,*) 'myid, itime: ',mp_pid,itime
if (mp_dbg_mode) write(*,*) 'myid, itime: ',mp_pid,itime
if (WETDEP .and. itime .ne. 0 .and. numpart .gt. 0) then
if ( then
......@@ -274,6 +275,12 @@ subroutine timemanager
if (mp_measure_time.and..not.(lmpreader.and.lmp_use_reader)) call mpif_mtime('getfields',1)
! For validation and tests: call the function below to set all fields to simple
! homogeneous values
! if (mp_dev_mode) call set_fields_synthetic
! Reader process goes back to top of time loop (unless simulation end)
......@@ -325,6 +332,11 @@ subroutine timemanager
! Check if particles should be redistributed among processes
call mpif_calculate_part_redist(itime)
! Compute convective mixing for forward runs
! for backward runs it is done before next windfield is read in
......@@ -541,20 +553,20 @@ subroutine timemanager
! Decide whether to write an estimate of the number of particles released,
! or exact number (require MPI reduce operation)
if (mp_dev_mode) then
if (mp_dbg_mode) then
numpart_tot_mpi = numpart
numpart_tot_mpi = numpart*mp_partgroup_np
end if
if (mp_exact_numpart.and..not.(lmpreader.and.lmp_use_reader).and.&
&.not.mp_dev_mode) then
&.not.mp_dbg_mode) then
call MPI_Reduce(numpart, numpart_tot_mpi, 1, MPI_INTEGER, MPI_SUM, id_root, &
& mp_comm_used, mp_ierr)
!CGZ-lifetime: output species lifetime
if (lroot.or.mp_dev_mode) then
if (lroot.or.mp_dbg_mode) then
! write(*,*) 'Overview species lifetime in days', &
! real((species_lifetime(:,1)/species_lifetime(:,2))/real(3600.0*24.0))
! write(*,*) 'all info:',species_lifetime
......@@ -565,6 +577,10 @@ subroutine timemanager
! end if
end if
! Write particles for all processes
if (mp_dev_mode) write(*,*) "PID, itime, numpart", mp_pid,itime,numpart
45 format(i13,' SECONDS SIMULATED: ',i13, ' PARTICLES: Uncertainty: ',3f7.3)
46 format(' Simulated ',f7.1,' hours (',i13,' s), ',i13, ' particles')
if ( then
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