Commit 66ea1877 authored by Sabine's avatar Sabine
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BUGFIX wrong coordinate was used

parent 60ba923b
......@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ subroutine writeprecip(itime,imem)
do i=1,numpoint
xp1=xpoint1(i)*dx+xlon0 !lat, long (real) coord
yp1=ypoint1(i)*dy+ylat0 !lat, long (real) coord
xp1=xpoint2(i)*dx+xlon0 !lat, long (real) coord
yp1=ypoint2(i)*dy+ylat0 !lat, long (real) coord
xp2=xpoint2(i)*dx+xlon0 !lat, long (real) coord
yp2=ypoint2(i)*dy+ylat0 !lat, long (real) coord
write(unitprecip,*) jjjjmmdd, ihmmss, &
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