Commit 5d74ed91 authored by Sabine's avatar Sabine
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BUG: var numpclwch in readwind_gfs was not defined

parent 7873bf79
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ subroutine readwind_gfs(indj,n,uuh,vvh,wwh)
integer :: ii,indj,i,j,k,n,levdiff2,ifield,iumax,iwmax
integer :: numpt,numpu,numpv,numpw,numprh
integer :: numpt,numpu,numpv,numpw,numprh,numpclwch
real :: help, temp, ew
real :: elev
real :: ulev1(0:nxmax-1,0:nymax-1),vlev1(0:nxmax-1,0:nymax-1)
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