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......@@ -744,12 +744,17 @@ module com_mod
! Dynamic allocation of arrays
! For FLEXPART version 9.2 and earlier these arrays were statically declared
! with size maxpart. This function is introduced so that the MPI version
! can declare these arrays with smaller size ("maxpart per process"), while
! the serial version allocate at run-time with size maxpart
implicit none
integer, intent(in) :: nmpart
integer, intent(in) :: nmpart ! maximum number of particles (per process)
! Arrays previously static of size maxpart
! Arrays, previously static of size maxpart
& idt(nmpart),itramem(nmpart),itrasplit(nmpart),&
& xtra1(nmpart),ytra1(nmpart),ztra1(nmpart),&
......@@ -758,8 +763,6 @@ module com_mod
& vs(nmpart),ws(nmpart),cbt(nmpart))
! allocate(memind(
end subroutine com_mod_allocate
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