Commit 41c421b3 authored by Sabine's avatar Sabine
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change get_vdep_prob name in timemanager

parent 3d6060ec
...@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@ subroutine timemanager ...@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@ subroutine timemanager
if (DRYBKDEP) then if (DRYBKDEP) then
do ks=1,nspec do ks=1,nspec
if ((xscav_frac1(j,ks).lt.0)) then if ((xscav_frac1(j,ks).lt.0)) then
call advance_rec(itime,xtra1(j),ytra1(j),ztra1(j),prob_rec) call get_vdep_prob(itime,xtra1(j),ytra1(j),ztra1(j),prob_rec)
if (DRYDEPSPEC(ks)) then ! dry deposition if (DRYDEPSPEC(ks)) then ! dry deposition
xscav_frac1(j,ks)=prob_rec(ks) xscav_frac1(j,ks)=prob_rec(ks)
else else
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