Commit 260bc180 authored by Sabine's avatar Sabine
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adding units to the log text

parent ddaeb130
......@@ -50,9 +50,9 @@ subroutine calculate_watercycle(partnumber,itime)
watersynctime=3600*3 ! was loutstep before, but for monthly run not possible
! watersynctime=3600
! watersynctime=loutstep
threshold = -.5
threshold = -.5 ! units mm/h
if ((partnumber.eq.1).and.(itime.eq.0)) write(*,*) 'Watersynctime ',watersynctime,lsynctime, ', threshold: ',threshold
if ((partnumber.eq.1).and.(itime.eq.0)) write(*,*) 'Watersynctime ',watersynctime,lsynctime, ' s, threshold: ',threshold, 'mm/h'
! Some variables needed for temporal interpolation
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