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vertransform: fix #140 (ref position for grid), verttransform_nest: fix bug...

vertransform: fix #140 (ref position for grid), verttransform_nest: fix bug with dimensions, both: smaller changes, com_mod: correct comment to nmixz
parent 77778f8d
This is a changelog for the dev branch of FLEXPART (see
Created by Petra Seibert, 8 June 2018 to document and explain in detail why I changed what.
makefile, 2018-06-08
* makefile, 2018-06-08
1) Add a GPL3+ License statement, author statement, version information. Prudent to do that, not harmful.
......@@ -23,15 +23,42 @@ Notes and questions:
2. Would be nice to have "as fast as possible" option (thought it might be machine-dependent ...)
3. What is the purpose of -Warray-bounds ? Is it relevant for Fortran? I think if there is a compile-time array-bound violation this would be a hard error?
Update version string!
* readcommand.f90
Correct misleading error message (replace "open" by "write to")
Improve error messages: combine pathname+filename, remove unaligned closing ###
Let STOP say in which subroutine we are stopping
Some minor changes
* verttransform_ecmwf.f90 PS 2018-06-13
1) Remove some of commented out testing stuff
2) Fix indenting in the init if block
3) Code layout improvement
4) Change name of loops to represent the index
5) Fix ticket:140 Introduce a new way of establishing the reference position
for the vertical grid. Also correct a minor bug in the calculation
of height (array assignment where it was not intended)
6) Add back the SAVE attribute to INIT, just to be sure
7) Bring some more code under the IF (INIT) block
8) make some annotations
* com_mod.f90 PS 2018-06-13
correct the comment for nmixz
* verttransform_nest.f90 PS 2018-06-17
1) insert proper boundaries for implied loops in array expressions
(fixes bug annoted by ESO in 2016)
2) Code layout improvement
3) Change name of loops to represent the index
4) make some annotations
......@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ module com_mod
! nuvz,nwz vertical dimension of original ECMWF data
! nxfield same as nx for limited area fields,
! but for global fields nx=nxfield+1
! nmixz number of levels up to maximum PBL height (3500 m)
! nmixz number of levels up to maximum PBL height (hmixmax)
! nuvz is used for u,v components
! nwz is used for w components (staggered grid)
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