Commit d3b112c3 authored by dingwell's avatar dingwell
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Added projection data to output

parent 6333de6c
......@@ -178,6 +178,7 @@ module netcdf_output_mod
call check_ncerror(ncret)
ncret = NF90_PUT_ATT(ncid,NF90_GLOBAL,'CEN_LON',proj_clon)
call check_ncerror(ncret)
if (map_proj_id.eq.1) then ! Lamber conformal projection
!ncret = &
! NF90_PUT_ATT(ncid,NF90_GLOBAL,'OUTPUT_PROJECTION','Lambert conformal')
......@@ -205,6 +206,19 @@ module netcdf_output_mod
call check_ncerror(ncret)
if (nesting_level.eq.0) then ! main domain
ncret = NF90_PUT_ATT(ncid,NF90_GLOBAL,'OUTLON0',outlon0)
call check_ncerror(ncret)
ncret = NF90_PUT_ATT(ncid,NF90_GLOBAL,'OUTLAT0',outlat0)
call check_ncerror(ncret)
elseif (nesting_level.eq.1) then ! nested domain
! Should this be done separately like this?
ncret = NF90_PUT_ATT(ncid,NF90_GLOBAL,'OUTLON0',outlon0n)
call check_ncerror(ncret)
ncret = NF90_PUT_ATT(ncid,NF90_GLOBAL,'OUTLAT0',outlat0n)
call check_ncerror(ncret)
! Write info common model settings
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