Commit d0669506 authored by dingwell's avatar dingwell
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Bugfix (set filemode to classic)

parent b9bae196
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ subroutine write_ncinfo(itime,nesting_level)
'write_ncinfo: creating file: ',path(1)(1:length(1))//ncname
! call nf_set_chunk_cache(32000000)
! ncret = nf_create(path(1)(1:length(1))//ncname, nf_clobber,ncid)
ncret = NF90_CREATE(path=path(1)(1:length(1))//ncname, cmode=NF90_NETCDF4,ncid=ncid)
ncret = NF90_CREATE(path=path(1)(1:length(1))//ncname, cmode=NF90_CLOBBER,ncid=ncid)
call check_ncerror(ncret)
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