Commit 224b5d6a authored by Ignacio Pisso's avatar Ignacio Pisso
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add makefile_dist

parent 7d4d7a96
SHELL = /bin/bash
FC = gfortran
#FFLAGS = -g -fcheck=all -Wall -fbacktrace -O2 -m64 -mcmodel=medium -fconvert=little-endian -frecord-marker=4
all: flex_read_compare2 printheader printgrid
%.o: %.f90
+$(FC) -c $<
flex_read_compare2:readheader.o readgrid.o juldate.o caldate.o flex_read_compare2.o
$(FC) readheader.o readgrid.o juldate.o caldate.o flex_read_compare2.o -o flex_read_compare2
printheader:readheader1090.o juldate.o caldate.o readheader_stdout90.o
$(FC) readheader1090.o juldate.o caldate.o readheader_stdout90.o -o printheader
printgrid:readheader.o readgrid.o juldate.o caldate.o printgrid.o
$(FC) readheader.o readgrid.o juldate.o caldate.o printgrid.o -o printgrid
rm *.o
rm *.o printgrid printheader flex_read_compare2
./printgrid $(output) conc
./printheader $(output)
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