Commit 028649e1 authored by Christoffer Stoll's avatar Christoffer Stoll
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Added more unit matches

parent a095d369
......@@ -23,7 +23,13 @@ def get_unit(line):
unit = "ug.m-3"
elif comp == "Sulphur dioxide (air)":
unit = "ug.m-3"
elif comp == "Benzene (air)":
unit = "ug.m-3"
elif comp == "Ethyl benzene (air)":
unit = "ug.m-3"
elif comp == "M.P-Xylene (air)":
unit = "ug.m-3"
elif comp == "Toluene (air)":
unit = "ug.m-3"
return unit
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