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......@@ -218,10 +218,16 @@ Figure x: Components and software interfaces
##### ACTRIS InSitu
New task: Data and metadata will be stored and email containing link to data curation tools will be sent to the data provider. A task will be created in the InSitu issue tracker system.
Figure ![Workflow ACTRIS InSitu](img/figure2.png)
Figure 2: ACTRIS InSitu workflow
Within ACTRIS, the data submission & curation process is tracked in an issue tracker to have traceable quality control. The issue status indicates where the submission is located in the process. The issue status also indicates who is responsible for the next step.
Figure ![ACTRIS InSitu workflow description](img/in-situ-workflow-description.png)
Table x: ACTRIS InSitu workflow description
Below the figure describing the ACTRIS In Situ workflow is included.
Figure ![Workflow ACTRIS InSitu](img/actris-insitu-workflow.png)
Figure x: ACTRIS InSitu workflow
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