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### 1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to present a detailed description of the homeless data portal and the underlying RI specific tools for data curation, QC and archiving of data. Furthermore, the document will present the features and interface of the application, what the application will do, as well as constraints related to RI specific tools and workflows. The document is intended for stakeholders in the projects, developers and users of the application.
This is not a QA tool, but and archiving and access tool to data that is now not curated anywhere. The crucial point is to document the homeless data through rich meta data to document quality, and provide access.
this tool is for starting data that is not regularly produced within the RIs, but to service research projects and TNA that now are lost and not available for anyone in the future.
### 1.2 Document Conventions
This Document was created based on the [IEEE template for System Requirement Specification Documents](
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### 2.3 User Classes and Characteristics
It will be all type of users, not only users internal to the RIs. Can be users from both free external research projects, in addition to ATMO-ACCESS TNA.
* Researchers, data providers and technical staff that are part of campaigns and TNA activities.
* Data curators at each RI
* Developers who is working on the project and further developing the functionality
......@@ -206,6 +211,9 @@ Figure 2: ACTRIS InSitu workflow
#### Other
Figure ![Workflow ACTRIS InSitu](img/figure3.png)
Figure 3: Workflow for the Homless data portal
## Other Nonfunctional Requirements
### 5.1 Safety and Security Requirements
Storage of data and metadata must follow GDPR requirements.
......@@ -214,4 +222,5 @@ Storage of data and metadata must follow GDPR requirements.
Define any other requirements not covered elsewhere in the SRS. This might include database requirements, internationalization requirements, legal requirements, reuse objectives for the project, and so on. Add any new sections that are pertinent to the project.
### Appendix A: Glossary
Define all the terms necessary to properly interpret the SRS, including acronyms and abbreviations. You may wish to build a separate glossary that spans multiple projects or the entire organization, and just include terms specific to a single project in each SRS.
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* **Homeless Data:** Data resulting from research campaigns and TNA activities are normally not included into any data management and data curation system and activity. These data sets are “homeless data”, not associated with any long-term projects nor sustainable data centres. The objective of this task is to develop tools facilitating access to TNA data and campaign data for future use through long term, sustainable data centres”
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