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### 1.4 Product Scope
Provide a short description of the software being specified and its purpose, including relevant benefits, objectives, and goals. Relate the software to corporate goals or business strategies. If a separate vision and scope document is available, refer to it rather than duplicating its contents here.
### 1.5 References
List any other documents or Web addresses to which this SRS refers. These may include user interface style guides, contracts, standards, system requirements specifications, use case documents, or a vision and scope document. Provide enough information so that the reader could access a copy of each reference, including title, author, version number, date, and source or location.
* [ATMO-ACCESS project website](
## Overall Description
### 2.1 Product Perspective
Describe the context and origin of the product being specified in this SRS. For example, state whether this product is a follow-on member of a product family, a replacement for certain existing systems, or a new, self-contained product. If the SRS defines a component of a larger system, relate the requirements of the larger system to the functionality of this software and identify interfaces between the two. A simple diagram that shows the major components of the overall system, subsystem interconnections, and external interfaces can be helpful.
The homeless data portal will be developed for everyone collecting atmospheric composition data during TNA and campaign activities. The homeless data portal will be a form based application that will route requests for data curation and storage to specific RIs based on the provided metadata in the forms. The goal is then to directly curate and store TNA and campain datasets or if a dataset is not directly supported by the relevant RI, establish bi-lateral contact with the data curation team at a given RI.
![Rought sketch of the components in the system](img/section1/figure1.png)
Figure 1: Rough sketch
### 2.2 Product Functions
Summarize the major functions the product must perform or must let the user perform. Details will be provided in Section 3, so only a high level summary (such as a bullet list) is needed here. Organize the functions to make them understandable to any reader of the SRS. A picture of the major groups of related requirements and how they relate, such as a top level data flow diagram or object class diagram, is often effective.
### 2.3 User Classes and Characteristics
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