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IEEE System Requirements Specification Template
# Software Requirements Specification
## For <project name>
Version 1.0 approved
Prepared by <author>
<date created>
## For Task 5.1 Development of online tools for data curation of homeless data
Version 0.1 approved
Prepared by Richard Rud
NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Table of Contents
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## Revision History
| Name | Date | Reason For Changes | Version |
| ---- | ------- | ------------------- | --------- |
| | | | |
| ROR | 2021-09-14 | Intial revision | 0.1 |
| | | | |
| | | | |
## 1. Introduction
### 1.1 Purpose
Identify the product whose software requirements are specified in this document, including the revision or release number. Describe the scope of the product that is covered by this SRS, particularly if this SRS describes only part of the system or a single subsystem.
### 1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to present a detailed description of the homeless data portal and the underlying RI specific tools for data curation, QC and archiving of data. Furthermore, the document will present the features and interface of the application, what the application will do, as well as constraints related to RI specific tools and workflows. The document is intended for stakeholders in the projects, developers and users of the application.
### 1.2 Document Conventions
Describe any standards or typographical conventions that were followed when writing this SRS, such as fonts or highlighting that have special significance. For example, state whether priorities for higher-level requirements are assumed to be inherited by detailed requirements, or whether every requirement statement is to have its own priority.
This Document was created based on the [IEEE template for System Requirement Specification Documents](
### 1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
Describe the different types of reader that the document is intended for, such as developers, project managers, marketing staff, users, testers, and documentation writers. Describe what the rest of this SRS contains and how it is organized. Suggest a sequence for reading the document, beginning with the overview sections and proceeding through the sections that are most pertinent to each reader type.
* Programmers who will work on developing the software.
* Stakeholder who will need to validate the requirements, making sure they fullfill what is in the project description.
* Researchers who have or will perform TNA activities or campaign measurements.
### 1.4 Product Scope
Provide a short description of the software being specified and its purpose, including relevant benefits, objectives, and goals. Relate the software to corporate goals or business strategies. If a separate vision and scope document is available, refer to it rather than duplicating its contents here.
### 1.5 References
......@@ -102,7 +108,7 @@ Don’t really say “System Feature 1.” State the feature name in just a few
List the sequences of user actions and system responses that stimulate the behavior defined for this feature. These will correspond to the dialog elements associated with use cases.
4.1.3 Functional Requirements
Itemize the detailed functional requirements associated with this feature. These are the software capabilities that must be present in order for the user to carry out the services provided by the feature, or to execute the use case. Include how the product should respond to anticipated error conditions or invalid inputs. Requirements should be concise, complete, unambiguous, verifiable, and necessary. Use “TBD” as a placeholder to indicate when necessary information is not yet available.
Each requirement should be uniquely identified with a sequence number or a meaningful tag of some kind.
### 4.2 System Feature 2 (and so on)
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