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......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ py -3.8 --input_model "/tmp/case_studies/hapads_wp3/session/c2sjw6hurbpjrf
## Inference on Movidius Myriad stick
cd "script"
cd /tmp/case_studies/hapads_wp3/script
py -3.8 -d "/tmp/case_studies/hapads_wp3/data/last_measures.txt" -o "/tmp/case_studies/hapads_wp3/data/last_measure_post.csv"
py -3.8 -w "/tmp/case_studies/hapads_wp3" -c "predict_mlp.json" -s "c2sjw6hurbpjrfurr7jr" -m "fold_1" -device "MYRIAD"-d "/tmp/case_studies/hapads_wp3/data/last_measure_post.csv"
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