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from builtins import str
import pandas as pd
import sys
import os
import shutil
import numpy as np
from datetime import timedelta
from pycif.utils.datastores.dump import dump_datastore, read_datastore
from pycif.plugins.obsvects.standard.utils.tstep import tstep
from pycif.plugins.obsvects.standard.utils.crop_monitor import crop_monitor
from pycif.utils.check import verbose
from pycif.utils import path
from pycif.utils.check.errclass import PluginError
def init_background(obsvect, **kwargs):
"""Initializes the background
Reads and regrids concentration fields
Reads sensitivity to initial conditions fields
Calculates contribution to observations from initial concentrations
obsvect (Plugin): the observation vector with all its attributes
obsvect, datastore updated with contribution to observations from initial
background = obsvect.background
model = obsvect.model
# Read global concentration fields. Regrid to model grid and
# filter by start and end date of simulation
conc_ini = background.read_conc(model, background.dir_initconc,
background.file_initconc, **kwargs)
n_x = model.domain.nlon_glob
n_y = model.domain.nlat_glob
n_z = len(model.domain.heights)
# cini is dimension number of observations x zones to optimize
# Stored in monitor as cini_1, cini_2 etc.
obsvect.n_cini = len(background.cini_lat)
obsvect.cini_names = ["cini_{}".format(i) for i in range(obsvect.n_cini)]
cini = np.empty((len(obsvect.datastore), obsvect.n_cini), order='C'); cini[:,:]=np.nan
# Read FLEXPART header to access trajdays
fp_header = None
# Loop over all observations and calculate background contribution
for obs_i, row in enumerate(obsvect.datastore.itertuples()):
# Subdirectory for FLEXPART grid_initial files
subdir = row.Index.strftime("%Y%m")
station = row.station
runsubdir_glob = os.path.join(
model.run_dir_glob, station.upper(), subdir)
file_date = row.Index.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S')
file_name = 'grid_initial_' + file_date + '_001'
if not os.path.isfile(os.path.join(runsubdir_glob, file_name)):
# Read grid_initial file
gridini =, file_name,
n_x, n_y, n_z)
# Assume all trajdays are the same so read header once only
if fp_header is None:
fp_header = model.utils.flexpart_header.Flexpartheader()
fp_header.read_header(os.path.join(runsubdir_glob, 'header'))
trajdays = fp_header.trajdays
# Interpolate background concentrations to observation date minus trajdays
time_interpolate = row.Index - timedelta(days=trajdays)
conc = np.array(conc_ini.interp(coords={'time' : time_interpolate}))
for iz in range(len(model.domain.heights)):
print("background, iz:", iz)
for iy in range(model.domain.nlat_glob):
n = np.min(np.where(model.domain.lat_glob[iy] < background.cini_lat))
for ix in range(model.domain.nlon_glob):
cini[obs_i, n] += gridini[ix, iy, iz] * conc[ix, iy, iz]
# Add initial concentrations to datastore
for i, name in enumerate(obsvect.cini_names):
obsvect.datastore[name] = cini[:, i]
return obsvect
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