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Some satellite documentation

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......@@ -289,9 +289,10 @@ def doc_from_arginputs(input_arguments, write_headers=True):
towrite.append(" **accepted values**: {}".format(accepted))
elif type(accepted) is dict:
towrite.append(" **accepted values**:")
for key in accepted:
towrite.append(" {}: {}".format(key, accepted[key]))
towrite.append(" - {}: {}".format(key, accepted[key]))
towrite.append(" **accepted type**: {}".format(accepted))
The present plugin manages satellite observations.
This includes:
- applying averaging kernel formulae
- unfolding satellite levels to individual observations to extract proper levels
from models
- vertically interpolating simulated values to averaging kernels' pressure levels
- optionally, for domains not extending to the top of the atmosphere, fetching
stratospheric concentrations from another dataset
The :bash:`satellites` transform is triggered according to key words in the yml file.
In the :bash:`datavect` paragraph, one should format a :bash:`satellites` paragraph as
.. yml-block:: /yaml_examples/chimere/config_fwd_setup_melchior.yml
:keys: datavect/components/satellites, datavect/components/stratosphere
The :bash:`stratosphere` paragraph is optional and is required only with the option
.. note::
The detailed expected satellite observation file format is explained
from .forward import forward
from .adjoint import adjoint
......@@ -38,15 +71,17 @@ input_arguments = {
:math:`ak_i` the averaging kernels and if relevant,
:math:`chosenlev` the number of the level of the chosen partial column.
- Formula 1: :math:`y= \\frac{\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}y^s_i \Delta P_i ak_i}{\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}\Delta P_i ak_i}`
- Formula 2: :math:`y= \\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}y^s_i ak_i`
- Formula 3: :math:`y= 10^{\\left(logy^0_{chosenlev}+\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}(logy^s_i-logy^0_i)ak_i\\right)}`
- Formula 4: :math:`y= \\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}y^s_i ak_i 10^3`
- Formula 5: :math:`y= \\frac{y^0+\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}ak_i(y_{dry,i}^s.dryair_i-y^0_i)}{dryair_{tot}}`
Available formulae are:
"default": None,
"accepted": [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
"accepted": {
1: "Formula 1: :math:`y= \\frac{\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}y^s_i \Delta P_i ak_i}{\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}\Delta P_i ak_i}`",
2: "Formula 2: :math:`y= \\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}y^s_i ak_i`",
3: "Formula 3: :math:`y= 10^{\\left(logy^0_{chosenlev}+\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}(logy^s_i-logy^0_i)ak_i\\right)}`",
4: "Formula 4: :math:`y= \\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}y^s_i ak_i 10^3`",
5: "Formula 5: :math:`y= \\frac{y^0+\\sum_{i=1}^{nlevsat}ak_i(y_{dry,i}^s.dryair_i-y^0_i)}{dryair_{tot}}`",
"product": {
"doc": "Type of product",
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