Commit 1efc916d authored by Espen Sollum's avatar Espen Sollum
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Removed debugging statements

parent 5bd98a13
......@@ -100,26 +100,5 @@ def init_background(obsvect, **kwargs):
for i, name in enumerate(obsvect.cini_names):
obsvect.datastore[name] = cini[:, i]
# ESO: debugging by reading cini from flexinvert
#if True:
if False:
with open("cini.txt") as f:
ci1= f.readlines()
d1 = [i.split()[0] for i in ci1]
s1 = [i.split()[1].lower() for i in ci1]
v1 = [np.float64(i.split()[2]) for i in ci1]
ndf = pd.DataFrame({"obs_cini_0" : v1, "station": s1},
index=[dt.datetime.strptime(i, '%Y%m%d%H%M%S') for i in d1])
ndf.index.rename('index', inplace=True)
sort_order = getattr(obsvect, 'sort_order', ['index', 'station'])
# ndf.sort_values(['index', 'station'], inplace=True)
# obsvect.datastore.sort_values(['index', 'station'], inplace=True)
ndf.sort_values(sort_order, inplace=True)
obsvect.datastore.sort_values(sort_order, inplace=True)
obsvect.datastore['obs_cini_0'] = ndf['obs_cini_0']
return obsvect
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