Commit 3048d656 authored by Jean-Marie Lepioufle's avatar Jean-Marie Lepioufle
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parent 86dfedea
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ build_data_df <- function(station,referencetimeFrom,referencetimeTo,timeResoluti
"hourly" = "hourly",
stop("no data or not taken into account yet"))
path <- normalizePath(file.path(.libPaths()[1],"data.luftkval.oslo10","data","aqoslosynth.rda"),mustWork=FALSE)
path <- normalizePath(file.path(.libPaths()[1],"data.synthaq.oslo10.seed123","data","aqoslosynth.rda"),mustWork=FALSE)
# load the timeseries
ld <- try(load(path),silent=TRUE)
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